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Cabinet Making with Ease


If you are a cabinet maker, add productivity with the Panel Pro vertical panel saw. Benefit from the ability to cut large sheets easily and alone. Our saws also offer improved safety, accuracy and speed when compared to cutting big panels on a traditional table saw or with a hand held circular saw. Another benefit is the vertical design, which takes up minimal space in your shop making it unnecessary to increase the size of your shop as your business grows. Visit Panel Pro today to see how a vertical panel saw can increase your productivity.

Have a Remodeling Job that needs Correct Tools for the Job?

At Panel Pro we have the correct tool for your remodeling job. A panel saw is a remarkable and highly versatile too; however most are too large for the average job. The Panel Pro is different. This vertical panel saw is portable, and is perfect for any size remodel but without the bulk of traditional [...]

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Lower Extensions from Panel Pro

Have only one man to do a two man job. The Panel Pro vertical panel saw in the answer to your problems. This panel saw makes easy work of large cutting jobs allowing you to cut horizontally or vertically with ease. One operator can easily maneuver large sheets of plywood, plastic or other materials accurately [...]

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Panel Pro Distributors

If you remodel, work in new construction or build custom cabinetry the Panel Pro Vertical Panel Saw will increase productivity and allows for a higher degree of move ability then many traditional construction tools. Looking for distributors of the Panel Pro Saw system? Click here for a distributor near you.

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Press Release

PRESS RELEASE:  Safety Speed Redesigns Panel Pro Vertical Panel Saw Ham Lake, MN----May, 2010----The Panel Pro Vertical Panel Saw by Safety Speed Cut just got better. This new model has been significantly redesigned and engineered to cut and operate much more efficiently and effectively.    The new Panel Pro is now equipped with an ergonomic positioned operators [...]

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