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Cabinet Making- The Panel Pro vertical panel saw will give any cabinet shop added productivity. The biggest benefit of adding our vertical panel saw is the ability to cut large sheets alone. This allows small shops to do big jobs with less staff. Our saws also offer improved safety, accuracy and speed when compared to cutting big panels on a traditional table saw or with a hand held circular saw. The vertical design also takes up minimal space in your shop which means added productivity without the need to increase your shop size.


Building Construction- What if you could show up at the new job site with a tool that allows for easy, accurate panel cutting? What if you could move it from job site to job site right in the back of your pickup? Now you can with the Panel Pro Vertical Panel Saw! This amazing saw makes accurate, quick and safe cuts easy. You can handle full sized sheets with one person and easily get 1/32" accuracy. Your worksite safety will improve too! You no longer have to balance a sheet between two sawhorses and line up a hand held saw. A vertical panel saw allows one person to easily handle a sheet of plywood and make all the cuts you need. For transporting, just grab your buddy and load the Panel Pro into the pickup truck. How easy is that? Add the Panel Pro to your crew and improve your productivity, accuracy and safety its first day on the job.


Remodeling- A panel saw is a remarkably versatile tool. You can find them in large DIY stores or lumber yards where they’re used to cut wood to customer specifications. However, most of these saws are quite large and don’t fit real well in a standard sized garage. What most people don’t realize is you can have the same type of setup at home for a fraction of the price. If you’re doing extensive remodeling, a Panel Pro Panel Saw can be very useful and save you hours of time on your next project. They’re especially good for cutting large pieces of wood, such as 4 by 8 plywood, when a regular table saw won’t work or a circular saw can’t guarantee an accurate, even cut.


Home Projects- Are you thinking about building a playhouse for the kids to create some wonderful outdoor memories? Perhaps your garage is overflowing and the cars are now parked in the driveway because you are out of space! You have decided it is time to build that storage shed you’ve been talking about for years. If you want to make it easier on yourself and save some serious time in the process, you should consider using a Panel Pro Vertical Saw for your next project. This economical panel saw that makes it easy to handle those big sheets of wood and cut them accurately. The patented design of this vertical panel saw can't be matched for the price and features.


Small Lumberyards - Lumberyards were one of the first applications for panel saws more than 55 years ago. These customers realized the benefits of a faster, safer and more accurate alternative for cutting their sheet goods. Today, our saws continue to be an indispensable machine in many lumberyards and home centers. For smaller sized lumberyards the Panel Pro is used for custom cutting customer orders, sizing panels for retail applications or cutting material in the millwork shop. This saw will prove to be a very important piece of equipment in these smaller environments. Larger sized lumberyards should check out our industrial panel saws at www.safetyspeed.com.